Monday, June 8, 2009

Our project updated

After the Team participated in a presentation at the school assembly we also designed posters to be displayed across the school.You can still find these posters on all notice boards and near the was quite unfortunate to see that some posters were removed by certain students but the rector already reprimanded them. Here are some posters displayed..we shall update more information about our overall project very soon . We are having our project presentation this thursday 11th we would really appreciate get some comments from those following our project...mostly those who provided very interesting informations during all the inerview surveys carried out.


  1. Hi CATs team of mgi..the presentation at assembly was really good-interestin campaigns and cool posters,..keep going!


  2. Wawa!! Presentation la ti dreC! nek amen prize la zot!!! Nu p traC pu sa et rest bon zenfan laaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  3. cleaning of the pilot class also went well..the class looks really clean now..give ur views..

  4. Kudos team has done a good work however, there should be more interaction with the students. We can see all these posters, lets stop grafitti thingy, however it does not get inside their brains!

    And i`m a MGI student and I currently freelancing as web desg, i`m thinking why not integrating this blog to the mgi website say or i can even propose to host it on my website.

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